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Our Team 

Since 1990'

Our expertise in sorting out used clothing was just a little dream that started out in Europe at the beginning of the 90's.
After a couple of expansions, Medina Textiles was shifted to the United Arab Emirates and has been here for over a decade and a half.

Medina Textiles is a well established company in the used clothes business that aims to always provide the best quality of used clothes, used shoes and handbags. Our main markets for sorted used clothing are West and central Africa, The Middle East, Eastern Europe, India & Pakistan



By combining our experience of 25 years in the textiles industry and that of our international logistic platforms, our group always meets the final consumer's need.

Our Aim 

The company’s main focus is to preserve our environment and help charitable institutions to dispose and distribute their textile materials by buying from them and reselling it to themarkets around the world thus giving used clothes a new life


The most environmentally friendly way to make sure of used textiles and footwear is to wear them, hence we make sure that everything end up in the most ecological way under te entrepreneurial umbrella that links the "Zero waste" mission.

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