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The most environmentally-friendly way to make use of used textiles and footwear is to wear them. This is why we take clothing that is still fit for wear and market it all around the world, we have been working with municipalities from all around the world and make sure that waste is fully recovered!


Nothing gets left out. 

even the cotton waste can be found of good use in countries such as south asia to be recycled!

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Sort these items from Cream, grade A,B,C quality.

Seperate all the different types of clothing material, gender, age, and pressed into bales to be made as categories ready to be loaded.

All of trhese items are in our packing list with 200+ different categories.


Export & Sales

Our group has exported to nearly every country in the world, as surely following rules of the FFT globally, dont hesitate to contact us to know more about us and our packing list!


Zero waste solutions for clothes with no alternative destinations.

 anything is reusable with the right technology, why not take care of that! 


from down the ladder back to the very top, taken care of with everything that comes with it 

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